Company Profile

Not far from the borders with Austria and the countries of Eastern Europe, easy to reach from the Trieste airport and just and hour's drive from Venice, we have created a consolidated business by collaborating with internationally renowned multinational companies and creating high performance machines that provide great output.

Thanks to our experience, which dates back to 1977, and the more than 500 machines we have put on the market, Schmucker can now offer its clients a wide range of machines designed to meet market needs. Our 30 years of experience make us a leader in the field of packaging. We face the challenges of a constantly changing market to reach increasingly better results and to keep up with the progress and development that characterize the third millennium.. We are able to meet vast demand with different ranges and models of packaging machines and fully automatic lines. The many services and the variety of products help us reach our primary objective: customer satisfaction , and going beyond their expectations.

Manufactured based on the latest breakthroughs in electronic and mechanical engineering, Schmucker machines are designed to ensure high production efficiency while keeping maintenance to a minimum.


All phases of work are carried out in a single company, including design, development, production and distribution of the finished product The complete system, delivered turn-key, is designed and manufactured at a single source, in a single factory. This is something we stand out for. This strategy has paid off by putting us in a position of leadership in the market of Packaging Machines. This is the only way we can perfect our company's business and the satisfaction of clients.

Thanks to a team of skilled experts in our research and development department, a highly reliable production division and a motivated, innovated marketing strategy, we are able to provide versatile machines that combine our success with that of our clients.

In response to growing market demand, not only has our team grown (the company now has 90 employees), but the number of market sectors we are involved in has also grown to include:

  • Cosmetics
  • Foods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals

To improve performance in all areas and to offer machines that meet customer needs in order to provide them with exactly what they need, Schmucker designs machines that provide the right solution for packaging of all types of products: solid, liquid, granular, powder, cream, gel and single pieces.

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