1977 - The company's history begins when the Schmucker family, in a small laboratory just outside Gorizia, established a small firm which employed 10 workers: the Schmucker SNC that designed small systems for the food industry, with particular attention to automatic connections between machines coming from different suppliers.
At the same time they begun producing coders and dispensers for packaging machines in general.
1980/1986 - Thanks to the highly creative development applied to its mechanical and industrial processes, Schmucker began production of packaging machines for envelopes sealed on all 4 sides (sachets) and, with the aid of clever technical solutions, the company continued to design and install production lines using its own machines as well as those manufactured by others. The excellent results and immediate success that followed paved the way for Schmucker to become one of the prominent figures in the field of packaging machines. The company employed 16 people during this period.
1984 - Meeting an increasingly necessary and rapid evolution, the company grew and developed, changing into Schmucker S.R.L.
1986/1992 - The company, the first worldwide, began producing complete systems for packaging pasty products (rat poison paste in particular) and at the same time continued to develop packaging machines for envelopes sealed on all 4 sides. The company's direct triumph made it an essential reference point in the packaging market, and during the same period Schmucker S.R.L. purchased a company for the production of vertical packaging machines and special machines. The production of the SINGLE AND MULTIHEAD coding and marking systems used by various machine manufacturers also continued during this time.
1992-1995 - To meet the growing needs of the market, which required increasingly efficient packaging and packing systems, new models of packaging machines for envelopes sealed on all 4 sides were developed with a large production capacity. The Schmucker company expanded its radius of action and established itself, not only in the Italian market but also in various countries worldwide: about 50% of its production was exported. During this period the company employed 25 people.
1996-1997 - With new proposals and innovative solutions, the production of new packaging machines begun, particularly for multi-line stick and pillow packs that were well-received by the international market. In the meantime the production of machines for envelopes sealed on all 4 sides continued, and the production of complete lines designed and produced by engineering experts and skilled technicians and mechanics grew as well. All this in a single firm, all from a single source - the entire line is produced on site, thus creating a unique strong point for Schmucker which is able to offer its customers a single reference for an ideal solution: a true advantage that sets the company apart from the rest making it a leader in the packaging sector.
1998-2000 - The high quality of the Schmucker stick machines naturally led to direct success; the company came to be highly appreciated by its customers on an international level and particularly by multinational groups which purchased Schmucker machines for their branches located all over the world. During the same period, in order to meet the growing market demands that insistently required complete automatic lines, Schmucker established a partnership with an Emilian firm and laid the foundations for becoming, in a short time, one of the leading enterprises in the packaging market for the construction of complete packaging systems. Thus begun the construction of cartoning machines that were sold individually or combined with packaging machines of its own production.
2000-2006 - During these years the expansion continued and the company took over its associated companies, thus achieving its goal to become a reference point in the market for supply of complete lines in the packaging sector. In the meantime Schmucker experienced an enormous growth of its international market, exporting more than 80% of its packaging machines and complete lines. High-level customers in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors on all continents continued to choose Schmucker machines for the superior quality and high reliability that they guarantee. The company grew and evolved with 50 employees.
Currently, Schmucker sells 70% of its production to important multinational companies including, among others, Nestlè, Unilever, Kraft and Ferrero. The company has about 95 employees in 2 production plants with a surface area of 5,000 m2, and it has become a confirmed leader in the supply of packaging machines and complete lines for pharmaceutical packaging. Today the company has a group of expert engineers working in every direction in the experimental area, and the Research&Development staff is the company's driving force in technological innovation. Developing prototypes, continually updating and improving production, testing numerous applications to improve machine efficiency: these are the cornerstones of Schmucker.
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