With a 30 year experience in packaging machines, the Schmucker team is qualified to operate in the market and reach the maximum targets.
For Schmucker, company’s competence means client complete satisfaction and excellent services throughout every phase in the collaboration process, from designing to the post-sale delivery, as well as “a prompt replay” to client’s needs, to achieve his complete satisfaction and to cope with the continuous challenges of the modern market.

This is confirmed by the commitment in research, development and a continuous update in the company’s personnel, from programmers to technical and design engineers.

Our Staff
Stefano Bastiani
Bastiani Stefano
Electrical Service
Mario Cralli
Cralli Mario
Technical Service
Deborah Faggionato
Faggionato Deborah
Spare Parts Department
Serena Giacomelli
Giacomelli Serena
Sales Assistant
Roberto Mian
Mian Roberto
Purchasing Department
Massimo Michelutti
Michelutti Massimo
Software programming supervisor
Gianluca Moderz
Moderz Gianluca
Technical Service
Sebastiano Nastasi
Nastasi Sebastiano
Sales Director
Technical Director
Nadia Ramon
Ramon Nadia
Sales Department
Daniele Rissetto
Rissetto Daniele
Project Manager
Claudio Rio
Rio Claudio
Sales Department
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