Our Experience

SchmuckerIt’s been thirty years now since my brother and I, in a warehouse on the outskirts of Gorizia, started producing the first hot foil encoders, which we sold in Italy and nearby countries. As time passed, we started building the first single-line packaging machines and then, as our experience grew, sales expanded to the farthest flung countries on the planet, such as China or Oceania. What we once thought was impossible and unimaginable has now come true.

A spirit of initiative, risk, skill and sometimes a bit of luck, but above all large-scale experimentation with the creation of prototypes and avant-garde machines for the most demanding packaging needs have brought us this far. This is why we want to thank our closest collaborators, who we’ve been working with for years, as well as our most esteemed clients who over time have believed in us and our strengths and still today trust out know-how for their businesses.

We have achieved results which were once unthinkable, such as creating highly specialized machines and working with multinational companies. About 12 years ago, in fact, a world-famous group believed enough in our engineering potential, and in the skill and know-how of our technicians, to entrust us with the dispensing and packaging of a special, hard to handle, finely ground powder that seemed to defy the laws of physics. After much sacrifice and many long nights running tests in the workshop, finally one day we amazed our client by finding a truly unique solution. Since then, successes and achieved targets have followed one after the other. But since the packaging sector is in constant evolution, we expect to do a lot more, keeping abreast of the latest innovation and technology that today are essential to gain a competitive edge.

This is why we are convinced we’re the right partner with whom to search for the most suitable solutions to our customers’ packaging needs.

Enrico Schmucker

July 2007

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