Post Sale
SchmuckerHigh levels of quality in after-sales and guaranteed technical service have always been the main points of Schmucker policy aimed mainly at customer satisfaction.

In fact, for our company, the sale is just a phase in a long collaboration with the customer that starts with an analysis of his needs. This is followed by design, manufacturing, testing, after-sales service, and the guarantee of a supply of spare parts for the entire life cycle of the machine.

Thanks to the high level of quality, maintenance of Schmucker machines is reduced to a minimum, resulting in fullest customer satisfaction. Technical service is organized and prompt to ensure achievement of complete customer satisfaction.

The strong points after-sales service include:

  • a global approach to the customer's problems, immediate and effective service to prevent costly shutdowns on the production line;
  • guarantee of spare parts for the entire life cycle of the machine;
  • availability of skilled and highly professional engineers who deal with the customer's requests and provide immediate support for any kind of mechanical and/or electrical problem.


SchmuckerOne element which therefore characterizes the company policy is orientation to complete customer satisfaction, and also of the operator who is in contact with the machine. Schmucker strongly believes in the satisfaction of the operator: the easier his work, the more satisfied and productive he will be.

This is due to the "friendly operation side machine". The design of the machine is created and periodically updated so as to improve the operator's quality of life in the workplace, and to cut intervention times to a minimum. The machine is easy to use, disassemble, and clean. The interface is simple and intuitive.


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