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Sachet Line - 1 AS
Sachet Line

The AS is an automatic stickpack packaging machine with continuous and intermittent motion to package stickpacks sealed on 4 sides. The AS machines are equipped with a PLC and control display to constantly monitor functions and parameters, with the possibility to diagnose alarms and anomalies. The balcony configuration, with the use of exclusive materials such as anodized aluminium and stainless steel, easy cleaning, and high versatility for format change are all technical features that make the machine compliant with GMP and FDA standards. The movement of the AS machines is controlled by a brushless servo-motor which allows a wide range of stickpack length and machine speed, while maintaining high precision in the formation and centring of the stickpack. Depending on the characteristics of the products to be packaged, the AS machine is used in various sectors of goods, such as foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, thus fully satisfying market needs.
Types: Liquids and creams: ASL. Powders: ASC. Granular: ASG. Powders and liquids: ASCL.
Accessories and customization: counting and stacking assemblies, product feeding systems, marking/printing systems, weighing systems, cartoning and labellers, complete automatic lines.

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Sachet Line - 2 Sachet Line - 3
Sachets complete line products
Complete packaging/cartoning process of Sachets
Installed power
6 - 12 Kw
800 - 1500 kg
Noise level
below 80 dB
Reel width
1000 - 1200* mm
Air consumption
100 - 500 Nl/min
Reel diameter
350 - 450* mm
IMPORTANT: the specification herein enclosed are exclusively approximated | *: (on request)
Sachet Line - 4 1 ASC packaging machine
2 Coding unit
3 Stacking system
4 Buckets conveyor belt
5 Cartoning machine
6 Leafl et/Booklet feeder
7 Dynamic check weigher
8 Labelling machine
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